Why Jeans Will Always Be in Fashion

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What is it about jeans? No matter what happens - indifferent to whatever may be fashionable at the moment - jeans are as popular now as they've ever been. Ever since the first prospector put on a pair of Levi's, jeans have only become more and more common across the globe. Why is that? Let's investigate!

Jeans Are Tough

You ever try digging for gold? It's hard work! Well, that's what jeans are designed for. And, unless you have some kind of job that's tougher than mining, that pair of light blue jeans should last for years. They're also easy to fix should you get a hole in them.

They May Look Better When They're Beat Up

Do silk shirts look better when they're torn? Nope. What about suit pants? Big nope. Yet, we look forward to the day when that new pair of blue and black joggers is dirty and beat up enough to wear out to an event. Jeans look so good after they're worn down, they're practically the only style of clothing you pay extra for it when it's distressed.

Jeans Are Versatile

Gone are the days when people would look down on you for wearing jeans to a nice restaurant. Blue jeans look good going to work, doing carpentry, or going out to dinner. You might want to wash them in between, but that same pair of blue jeans can go just as easily with high heels as it would with sneakers.

Jeans Look Good on You

Because of course they do. You know it. They look good on everyone. With so many different styles, loose, skinny, flairs - you name it - there is a look and design for every body type. And once you find the pair that works for you, your legs and (let's face it) your butt will never look better.

Jeans Are Comfortable

Who ever said, "no pain, no gain" was lying. Jeans might be the most comfortable article of clothing you own, and they always look good. We think we made our point. There's a reason you can never go wrong with a pair of light blue jeans. They work every time.