Denim has been around for a long time, and it’s here to stay. Read on for some reasons denim won’t ever go out of style and why you should wear it.

The history of denim is a long one. It’s been around longer than some of the cities in this country. There’s no doubt it’s going to last another hundred years from now; its longstanding life exists for a reason. Here are some reasons why denim will never go out of style and why you should add a lil bit of the everlasting style to your life.

Completes Your Outfit

Do you ever look in the mirror and love what you see, but know there’s still something missing, and you just can’t figure what it is? When it comes to your ‘fit, it’s probably some denim that you need to make your outfit complete. If you have on a cute dress that looks good at all angles, but still doesn’t scream sexy, then throw on a denim jacket. For the guys, if you have on a new shirt that your girl got you, pair it with some dope jeans. This will complete your boss look, no matter what you’re aimin’ for.

Denim on Denim – Don’t Hate, Appreciate

You ever hear somebody try and say that denim doesn’t go with denim? Well, if you ever hear something like that, block out the haters. Cause denim does go with denim. In fact, this look has all the drip to make your outfit stand out in a crowd full of people. Especially if you have your very own rockstar denim clothing hook-up.

Endless Drip

Denim isn’t going anywhere. It’s like saying a cotton t-shirt is going out of style. It won’t, and as a matter of fact, denim is cotton. Its eternal nature has to do with the fact that denim has endless drip. It can be made into anything—from jeans to dresses to jackets, anything you wanna wear, denim’s got you.

You can find jeans with the newest washes, patterns, treatments, and colors. You can even find denim paint-splattered jeans to turn you into a real fashion killer. Even during the 90s and early 2000s, denim was popping. You saw denim bucket hats and purses on the red carpet. Denim is a fashion staple.

Denim has a long history in fashion. It started off as something practical to wear for work, but today, it’s something you wear for self-expression. Denim will never go out of style, so make sure to add some more to your closet arsenal.